Hmmm.... Another Zombie Book Review Anyone?

by Bob Fingerman

Goodreads Blurb: 
A frightening, darkly comedic look at people surviving a zombie onslaught, from award-winning comics sensation and novelist Bob Fingerman.
A global plague has nearly vanquished mankind; the citizenry of New York City is no exception. Eight million zombies. Shoulder to shoulder. Walking the streets, looking for their next meal of human flesh. The residents of an Upper East Side walkup have joined forces to keep themselves safe, the pageant of walking rot outside their windows a constant reminder of the their foreseeable fate. Trapped in the safety of their building, the tenants find themselves at each others' throats. When they spy a lone teenage girl who walks unharmed among the undead, impervious, their world opens up.

This is a dark, gritty story of 10 survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The survivors are slowly going mad and are close to starving to death when they see a figure walking amongst the undead. Will this figure be their salvation or their death? Well that's for you to find out. I'm on the fence about this book, some parts were great while others were a letdown. There really is no backstory on how it all began which would help the story drastically.  I feel this book could have been better I wouldn't really recommend this book unless you are borrowing it from friend or library.

3 out of 5 Stars

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  1. vvb32 reads said...

    hmmm, ok, will put this on the backburner reading pile.

  2. Sounds interesting. Too bad it was a let down.

  3. anaavu said...

    Sorry you didn't enjoy it so much. But I like your review style and am a new follower!

    Ana @ BookSpark:

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